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From What Do You Do with an Idea?

This post could conceivably be the third or fourth time I’ve declared I’m going back to blogging.  And it’s true this time too. Though there’s also more this time.  As before, I’ll be blogging mostly about education, including non-jargony summaries/reviews of current educational research.  I also do a fair amount of professional development work with classroom teachers, so have included a page with some information about that.  Near future additions include the typical academic stuff of CV and publication links (though most of those are available at the ResearchGate or links on the About page).  And I may begin migrating course information over here as Blackboard continues to disappoint in both general and specific ways.

This return to blogging is my small contribution to the Reclaim Your Domain movement, which is about reclaiming and owning your digital identity and stuff.  In my reading up on this idea, I’ve found it gets really technical really fast. And while I actually did a fair bit of computer programming in high school (considering it was the early ’90s), I’m a neophyte in coding/internet world of today.  I know just enough HTML to add line breaks and such.  I do care, though, about who owns my stuff and I generally want that person to be me.  And this idea of ownership it can be explained with less code and fewer acronyms.

As part of reclaiming my digital identity, I consolidated almost all of my various blog posts–going back 12 or so years–here. The Edublogs moved seamlessly (unsurprising given it’s the same platform). The Medium move didn’t work because their email got caught in my junk mailbox and by the time I discovered it, I’d already just cut and pasted.  And, in the course of the Blogger migration, all of the post titles disappeared.  So I’ll be spending a few months revisiting those, re-titling them, and publishing them.

So, happy Monday and here’s to writing more.

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