Professional Development

Working with classroom teachers is great. Being with them when they learn new things, inquire into their practice, and develop as professionals. I am always inspired by teachers’ thoughtfulness, curiosity, and desire to support students’ learning.  The majority of my work is with English language arts, reading, and literacy teachers, though I have also worked with a range of disciplinary teachers.  And while I focus on middle and high school settings, I have worked with early childhood through college teachers.

I offer professional development workshops that range from one hour to 5 days long, across a range of topics.  My expertise is writing and the teaching of writing, to which I owe a debt of gratitude to the National Writing Project, especially the Heart of Texas Writing Project and the San Antonio Writing Project.

Some topics I’ve designed workshops for K-12 teachers include:

  • Writing workshop
  • Writing cycle, with a specific focus on revision
  • Writer’s notebooks
  • Nonfiction, informational, feature article writing (that’s expository in STAAR lingo)
  • Disciplinary reading and writing, including writing in math
  • Multimodal writing and 21st Century skills
  • Writing for college, career, and life
  • Picturebooks in secondary classrooms

I’ve also designed workshops for administrators, including principals, assistant principals, coaches, and curriculum specialists.  These workshops ask questions like:

  • What does a classroom look like when high-quality, engaging literacy instruction is happening?
  • How can teachers prepare students for standardized writing assessments without teaching to the test?
  • What kinds of curriculum and material support do ELA, reading, and literacy teachers need to deliver high-quality, engaging instruction?

If your team, PLC, school or district is interested in personally designed professional development, send me an email [ DrAnn at anndavid dot org ] and we can discuss the possibilities.