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Teachers should be models for their students.  As such, I’m starting a blog.  I’m very out of the habit, so this will be an adventure.

I visited an elementary school this morning.  Classrooms had the organized hum of work being accomplished.  I couldn’t help but notice that most of the 4th graders I saw in their classrooms had way more freedom to choose what they were doing than the average 10th grader.  I also noticed that the teachers whose kids were at specials (art, music, computer lab), were using the time to take a deep breath.  It’s only Monday and many were tired.

On another note, I’m going to miss autocorrect.  Happy blogging!

One thought on “Welcome post

  1. Elena says:

    Reading that has scared me somewhat with the upcoming placements. I hope that the art kids are as awesome as they usually are. 😀

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