Organizing your time

It can be really difficult to decide how to allocate your time.  There’s so much that seems to need to be done RIGHT NOW!  This feeling of RIGHT NOW will only get worse when you have a whole classroom–and some huge number of students–who are your responsibility.  One useful way to deal with the onslaught of information, and the actions that information require, is the Urgent/Important Matrix.

Urgent/Important Matrix

What I think is so important to stress is that you can determine how you move through this matrix.  Everything isn’t really a necessity, and other people’s crises are not your crises (unless they are your students, and even then, might not be your problem).  Spending time tending to very important, but not urgent, things is really important for your professional health and well-being.  I’ve posted the matrix on my currently unused computer screen (seemed like a good use of the space).  I’m going to try and remember to pause, clarify, and decide using the matrix.

One thought on “Organizing your time

  1. federico15 says:

    I am constantly feeling like everything has to been done right now. Lately I have been making a list of things I need to do and work then a little at a time each day. By the time you it, you’re all done with everything from your list. Making a list has been working for me and I think I will continue to do this.

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