A Modern, Suburban Tale of Job

First, our house burns down. We’re safe, but our stuff needs to be decontaminated, we have to rebuild, and we’re living in a lovely home in our neighborhood that looks almost identical to what it did when it was build in 1950s.

Second, and I haven’t published this widely yet, we all came down with a version of the norovirus three days after our house burned down. Everyone in my family and our lovely hosts. We recovered, some faster than others, and while it was deeply unpleasant, it did eventually go on its way after time, a lot of bleach, and laundry.

Third, and the newest plague, is lice. Yep, those lovely little, six-legged parasites. Thank God for an attentive, experienced nanny and Mater’s Tales. The little one put up with a lot of pulling on his poor little head, but we’ve cleared him up. Sean and I are bonding over nitpicking. And my blessed in-laws are shampooing the older two with nitpicking to follow when they get home tomorrow. What an end to spring break.

A friend joked that boils are next, so I’m keeping an eye out for hand-foot-and-mouth.

So, we’re find our grace as we move ever onward.

7 thoughts on “A Modern, Suburban Tale of Job

  1. Connie says:

    As long as you don’t find the little one sitting in front of a fuzzy TV screen, saying, “they’re here….”

  2. Angela Stefanski says:

    Noooo, I can’t believe that. We had lice as children…along with a lot of other unpleasantries that seemed to happen at once. Love your attitude and the fact that it sounds like you are surrounded by people who care and are looking out for you! Hope it’s all better from here!

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