On being watched

The Texas Education Agency is auditing our EC-6 certification program in December.  Even being on the outside, the process seems to be falling on the ‘gotcha’ end of the spectrum as opposed to the ‘show us how you’re preparing future teachers well’ end.  I believe that I and my program–and all programs that prepare teachers–should be held to high standards.  Though how spending hours preparing hundreds of pages of documents, that now must adhere to rules that changed recently or rules that we didn’t know existed, doesn’t seem the best use of anyone’s time.  While I’ve not been here long, I see that my colleagues are committed, knowledgeable, and thoughtful teachers.  The students we’re preparing are knowledgeable, passionate, and engaged.  But all those hundreds of pages of documents won’t show that.

Interesting app for collecting data

Data rules education now, for better or worse.  So, I’m a big fan of collecting lots of data, across a range of situations/setting, across time.  But that’s actually quite difficult for teachers to do.  This app, Kaymbu, appears to do just that.  A possibility, to be sure.  And while this is marketed to preschool/kinder, I think it could actually be quite powerful for all grades because it would make it so easier to capture the types of data I was talking about above.

Now, I want to try it for less than $25/mo, so we’ll see about it.