Culturally Responsive Teaching

I teach a class with that title.  How cool that my program has a class with that title? Given that UIW is a Hispanic-serving institution, and most of our preservice teachers go to work in schools where the majority of the students are children of color, the class begins to give them the language, strategies, curriculum, and support for teaching in a culturally responsive way.

Also, the content of the course isn’t tested like the assessment and pedagogy classes are.  The content in those courses factors heavily in the Pedagogical and Professional Responsibilities certification exam.  I have more freedom because CRT isn’t PPR’d.  So, I can talk about testing influencing curricular and instructional choices because I navigate that particularly convoluted map as well.  Specifically, this lack of testing means I can choose a really cool book, have my students listen to podcasts (This American Life for life!), and do book clubs.

The course isn’t without its challenges, of course. Continue reading