A tiny house and other things

On one hand, we are now in possession of a not-so-tiny tiny house.  On the other, there’s been no movement on our house.  Because it’s an insurance settlement, we have to pick out everything–faucets, paint color, everything–before they start anything.  Because the cost of the stuff we pick has to add up to the money from the insurance settlement.   And we haven’t been able to meet with the contractor about everything because it is April and April is crazytime.  So, hopefully something in the next week, but I’m also not terribly hopeful.  We shall see.  And, unfortunately, what choice do we have?

Our plagues have moved onto the vertebrates.  Texas Blind Snake, who eats ants and termite larvae.  We’ve found 3 in the house over the last few days.  I’m hopeful that there aren’t termite larvae in the house and we’ve seen no evidence of said larvae.  It’s also an example of not-my-problem.  The boys have all enjoyed finding the snakes and E is willing to pick them up with his fingers.  I actually prefer vertebrates to invertebrates in the house, oddly.  Hate roaches–so big, so fast, crunch, hard to kill, just ewww.  But snakes, bats, mice, birds… no problem.  Will deal with those all day long.  Go figure.

It’s Fiesta time in San Antonio.  I was south of downtown and decided to find some Fiesta decorations, thinking I’d go to Market Square, even though that has tourist prices.  So I headed up  South Flores (the street that’s being gentrified) and apparently I found the just-right-place for Fiesta deco–Amol’s.  And, of course, it’s relocating somewhere where the rent is cheaper.  So now we have garland and flowers and other beautiful things.  Combine that with the kid art that we’ve put on every hook and nail in the walls, and the in-between house is looking pretty good.

One thought on “A tiny house and other things

  1. Lynne says:

    Does the tiny house have direct access to the main house? Looks like it’s connected. Remodeling isn’t easy and on top of losing belongings and all the requirements I can’t imagine the challenges you are facing.
    Hang in there!

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